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What we do is together and what we gain is togetherness –Sahayatra



Text: Shekhar KC, KU

Photo: Tara Nath Chaulagain, KU


After a long time I attended Sahayatra meeting that was scheduled on 2 April, 2011 at Grahmin Higher Secondary School, Nepaltar. Somewhat 20 to 30 students were present from atleast 10 different colleges in the meeting where I was supposed to present a short introduction to our media students network name “Sahayatra”. Anil Adhikary, a young handsome tip-top guy from Grahmin college coordinated the meeting. His voice still vibrates my ear holes when I recall how he phoned me continuously for two days somewhat 4-5 days before the scheduled date. I am quite impressed with his serious concern for smooth running of Sahayatra and for the presence of students like us who are studying media subjects in different mass communication colleges in Nepal. Chandi Raj Dahal, a media third year students from Kathmandu University addressed the meeting as the Communication coordinator. Let me tell you briefly about the organogram of our mass communication students’ network “Sahayatra”.

There are about 11 central committee members in our Sahayatra. We are on the pipeline to give it a legitimate existence. Till now it has been running just as a students’ group but after we register it and get a registration number with legal permit then we might grow and groom with a bit wide exposure and with great plan of actions.

It’s very necessary for the new or interested one to know about Sahayatra that our organization was formed to create a common a platform to flourish our knowledge and spread it so that it can be helpful for others as well who mightn’t know us but who might be studying media subjects at some corner of this earth and experiencing a true lack of media circle as the present Sahaytris were experiencing some June 6, 2010 when Sahayatra was formally announced at the grant meeting in Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel. We are in same place for the purpose of learning our media skills from one another. It’s not necessary that talent students mightn’t learn anything from a average one. We all have weakness because we can’t learn everything at a time and we can’t be at two places at a single point of time. By that I mean to say that the knowledge we gain at the college we are studying mightn’t be given other media colleges. For example the media lab that is being constructed in Kathmandu University might be missing at other normal colleges in Kathmandu. Also, the reporting experience of a NIC college student might be a new thing to know about for students who have never visited a media house. So, we are in Sahayatra to compensate our shortcomings by sharing our knowledge. We are not here to bring any earth-shattering changes but we hope to bring a gradual change in our media skills that will be very helpful for us not only when we work as a media professional but also to live as a true and honest human who have true thrust for sharing knowledge for the betterment for the world.

There are two main department or let say mechanism namely Communication Department and Publication Department. It has been my honor and privilege as well to work as the coordinator of the publication Department and also chief-editor of our newsletter “Sahayatra”. Chandi Raj Dahal, my junior colleague at Ku media studies is handling the Communication Department. Both departments have their different sets of work and priorities that is clearer on the “About us” section of this blog.

In the meeting of April 2, one significant step we took was to continue our initial newsletter venture. The full-fledged Publication Team was not formed in the hope that it will formed after the students’ participation and zeal are evaluated while we are working together on the due course of preparing the newsletter. Also, Amol Acharya, the incumbent president of this network announced the date of Sahayatra PICNIC which added enthusiasm in the Sahayatris.

The details of the students who were present at the meeting are shows below. (In the hope that nobody will complain in publishing their name and contact numbers or violating their privacy. I mean we are communication students so we needn’t be afraid being contacted or communicated by others. )

There were some works I had given to my friends regarding the newsletter that is going to be published in coming May, 2011. Their names and the topic of the text they were supposed to write are stated below. Hope they get their work done before deadlines. Our Political leaders have already crossed their first deadlines completing the constitution writing process and are in pipeline to cross the second one too. But we, the leader of next generation let’s not repeat what is being done by most of our present leaders.

1. Name

Newsletter job topic



contact no.

2. Bikash Ghimire




3. Manoj Parajuli





4. Kiran Phuyal

Traffic Jam




5. Sanju Gurung

Clicking Photos with Captions




6. Pratima Karki





7. kalpana Baral





8. Manisha Magar



9. Sanjaya Khanal

Media’s role in Constitution making Process



10. Dinesh Kumar Tamang



11. Rojeena Chaulagain

womens’ status In Nepal


12. Singa bahadur Tamang

kantipur and Nagarik’s coverage in some issue


13. Srijana Khadka

facebook’s impact in our daily lives

SV campus



14. Prativa Dhital

facebook’s impact in our daily lives



15. Bhim Lama


16. Bijaya Thapa


Active Academy, Basundhara


17. Dipak Khanal


18. Sourav Prasai




19. Kapil Ranjit




20. Sirjana Adhikary


Grahmin Higher Secondary School


21. Sangita Pokhrel


Grahmin Higher Secondary School


22. Ramila Bhandari


Grahmin Higher Secondary School


23. Sangita Gajurel


Grahmin Higher Secondary School


24. Prabha Ghimire


Grahmin Higher Secondary School


25. Sushila Pokharel

Photo and captions


9804461683, 984104509

26. Sunita Bhujel

coverage of untouchability issues


27. Sarita Bhatta

Varied use of mobile


28. Tara Nath Chaulagain




29. Bhawana KC


30. MC Chauthangi


Grahmin Higher Secondary School


31. Rajendra Ghimire


32. Shekhar KC




33. Amol Acharya




This is our second meeting in Grahmin College where Sri Ram Khanal sir and Anil Adhikary saathi deserve some gratitude and credit for arranging space and time for meeting in the critical hours when Sahayatra lacks even its office. But lacking money and infrastructures shouldn’t be the reason to retard our activities because such issues have been already tedious topic for us in our country where most of the people only know how to snatch their rights without following their duties. What I believe is that we media students are young and mentally strong and determined enough to stir our work ahead even if we don’t have money. Our dedication and honesty is what matters more.

Personally I am quite satisfied at some level as well as happy being in Sahayatra because I have friends who shares common but diversified level of understanding in the various issues relevant to media sector. Their ambitions and working ability trigger mine and I have always felt my existence as a media students having bright future in that circle. Infact, everyone should feel in the same way because what we do is together and what we gain is togetherness. That is what goes in line with our network nomenclature “Sahayatra”- “journey together’.

(best of luck till next Blog Post and see you all in Active College, Basundhara on April 09, 2011 A.D. See below the pictures of Grahmin meeting on April 02, 2011. )

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  1. please look 30 no and correction that my name is M.C. Chauthanga Nd my college name is Gramin Adarsha Multiple Campus, Nepaltar KTM