Monday, April 11, 2011

Sahayatra in Active


By Shekhar KC:

Sahayatra-An inter-college media students’ network organized  its meeting at Active College, Basundhara on April 9, 2011 AD Saturday. This meeting was a part of the regular weekly meeting. In the meeting, all the media students were given assignment about preparing text as part of their contribution to our second issue of Sahayatra newsletter that is about to be published at the end of this April, 2011. Amol Acharya, the president of the network and Pasang Tamang, The vice president announced the date of Sahayatra PICNIC i.e Baisakh 10, 2068 B.S. Thankot was decided as the venue but students were searching for other alternative locations. Everybody who were interested to participate in PICNIC were suppose to submit Rs 500 for the covering of their individual cost.

(Below are the photos of the meeting.)

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