Saturday, June 26, 2010

SAHAYATRA in Kanya Campus

Shekhar KC
June 26, Dhulikhel
The third meeting of executive committee of SAHAYATRA, an intercollege media students' network took place at Kanya Campus on June 26, 2010 at Dillibazaar Kanya Campus, Dillibazaar. Bhola Nath Regmi, the Campus Chief expressed his few words of encouragement for the betterment of the network and committed that Kanya Campus will always cooperate with Sahayatra. Amol Acharya, the president of the network directed necessary formalities to be accomplished by the executive members regarding the completion of Code of Conduct of the network. The meeting also decided to organize the media Quiz contest in Shrawan 22, 2067 B.S. Samjhana Basnet, member of Sahayatra as well as the student of the Dillibazar Kanya Campus felicitated the meeting by arranging necessary infrastructures.

Side by side, the publication committee of the official newspaper of the network took place. The meeting decided to name the monthly newspaper as "SAHAYATRA - mass communication especial monthly" or "सहयात्रा - आमसञ्चार विशेष मासिक". The meeting also decided the Shrawan 22, 2067 B.S as the tentative date for publishment of the first issue of "सहयात्रा - आमसञ्चार विशेष मासिक".
The next meeting of the network will take place at Orient College, Chakrapath. Bandana Shrestha, a student of Orient College will arrange the necessary infrastructures for the meeting.

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