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Call for media Content

Subject: Calls for Articles, interviews, photos, letter to the editor, opinion articles, etc for " सहयात्रा - आमसञ्चार विशेष मासिक".
Dear Sir/Madam:
After the grand success of the media students gathering "SAHAYATRA", it's time to take a next step. Since, we all students and teachers of the same discipline are united; our individual efforts if brought together can only show its strength. I am basically focused on " सहयात्रा - आमसञ्चार विशेष मासिक".  a monthly newspaper that is going to be published by the SAHAYATRA network. We believe that establishment of "SAHAYATRA" network has showed us the way to practice pure and ethical journalism through this Sahayatra monthly Newspaper सहयात्रा - आमसञ्चार विशेष मासिक.
Newspaper At Glance
मास्ट हेड:  सहयात्रा - आमसञ्चार विशेष मासिक
आकार - मिडि
भाषा: नेपाली र अग्रेंजी
छाप्ने प्रति: २०००
पृष्ठ संख्या : १२
सर्कुलेसन हुने ठाँउ: सबै आमसञ्चार पढाउने कलेजहरुमा ।
लक्षित जनसमुदाय: आमसञ्चार जगतका विद्यार्थी, शिक्षक र पेशाकर्मी ।
Main Questions to be answered regarding "सहयात्रा - आमसञ्चार विशेष मासिक"
1.       When will be this newsletter published?
- This newsletter is will be published at the interval of 1 month. It will be circulated throughout the mass communication colleges in Kathmandu Valley and Kavre district and later all over the Nepal. The first issue will be published in Shrawan 22, 2067 B.S. This date is tentative.

2.       What will be major news content of this newsletter?
- It will emphasize the news that take place in different colleges that have participated in SAHAYATRA program held in June 6, 2010 and also those who will to be the part of this network. Any interested Students and Teachers with their clear identification can send their news, articles, letter to the editor at to get their views published that will be helpful for all the media Students.
The main sections of the "सहयात्रा - आमसञ्चार विशेष मासिक" are
a-      समाचार
b-      विचार र अभिव्यक्ति
c-       अन्तर्वाता
d-      फिचर सेक्सन
e-      फोटो फिचर
f-       पर्सनेलिटि प्रोफाईल
g-      मनोरञ्जन लेखहरु
h-      कलेज गतिविधि

Note: you can send in your content of above sections at

3.       Who are these" Participating Colleges"?
By "Participated Colleges" we mean:
  •  Active Academy
  • Brilliant College
  • Canvas Academy
  • Caspian Valley College
  • Chamunda College
  • College of Journalism and Mass-communication (CJMC)
  • Dillibazar Kanya College
  • Golden Gate College
  • Gramin Adarsha College
  • Jaya Devkota College
  • K&K College
  • Kathmandu Model College
  • Kumari English Boarding School
  • Madan Bhandari Memorial College
  • Metro College
  • National Integrated College
  • Navodit College
  • Orient College
  • Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Memorial College
  • Pashupati Multiple College
  • Ratna Rajya Campus
  • Reliance International Academy
  • Sagarmatha Multiple College
  • Xavier International College
  • SchEMS College
  • Shepherd College
  • Sigma College
  • Times International College
  • Universal College
  • White House College
  • Bagishwori College, Bhaktapur

4         What you can send at to get your content published?
- Media content can include information, news on various beats, entertainment stuffs, advertisement, and photographic message. 
a- Simply saying, it can be news that you can have learned to write in your journalism subject. You can write news about the event that took place in your college or about any event that is going to be organized in which your college has stake.
b- It can be your opinion articles about any serious issues ranging from developmental issues to media issues.  
c- You send your photos with caption to get publish in our newsletter. But your identification should be attached.
d- It can be letter to the editor about any current happenings or the issues raised by Hamro Sahayatra.
e- You can take interview of any teachers or personalities who have stake in our discipline. But you should send photos and whole information of the interviewee and interviewer.
f- Diverse issues and Information on issues according to the age, interest, culture, ethnicity, region and education.
g- Advertisments- for promoting business and service, brand advertisement, schemes, good will, notice tender.
Advertisement Rates:
Front Page : Rs 15000, size= 5 Inch *7 Inch.
Inside page: Rs 20,000, Size: full page
Last page: Rs 10,000, size: half
h- Condolence and Congratulations messages- on lose of someone and achievement of something respectively.
i.                     Awareness campaign-especially on the vulnerable issues including health, sanitation, reproductive health, drinking water, rights, participation in development process.
j- Audience polls- on critical and debatable issues, via SMS, emails, telephones or face to face.

5.       What is the words limit?
- If it is letter to the editor then of course it will be short ranging from 50-100 words. If it is your opinion article then it can range from 500 to not more than 1200.  You can send in your news of different Colleges activities at at about 100-200 words.
6.       Why it's very easy to involve in "Hamro Sahayatra"?
- You might have been given assignments, term paper, news writing, and creative writings etc in your college by our teachers. You can send them at We will edit them and publish them. But it should be authentic, balance, free of plagiarism and should carry significance to all the media students.

7.       "I will get my articles or news published in Hamro Sahayatra, so what?
"Does it have any other advantages?
- Your published content will first help you get your recognition in more than 40 colleges of your same discipline. Second, the news content you have covered about your college will get its natural and most ethical publicity. And third, you will implement your theory via this purely ethical journalism practice.
8.       Do I get paid for my published content?
- Since, we are just learning, monetary advantage shouldn't be our priority. In addition, we don't have enough advertisement to support our newsletter publishment. But we can think about it in future.
9.       Why should we give our time or write for Hamro Sahayatra"?
- Since after the grand success of 'Sahayatra', we have shown our determination that we all students of same mass communication discipline will work and grow together, we should take it first as our responsibility and second as our opportunities. We are informing ourself and as well as our colleagues, so why not start from now.
10.   What about the editorial board Members?
- This newsletter will always be published from student's initiation so the editorial team will be shuffled on the basis of seniority and experience, involvement, ability and dedication to the work.

The main aim of the सहयात्रा - आमसञ्चार विशेष मासिक to create platform for the media students to practice ethical and professional journalism. The main objective of this outlet is to inform all the media students' and  possible stakeholder of this field about the current happening in the world of mass communication and journalism. . We will publish the newsletter which will do no compromise with Accuracy, balance and credibility.

Your feed-backs are always welcome.

शेखर के सी
प्रधान-सम्पादक, सहयात्रा - आमसञ्चार विशेष मासिक

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