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Report on Sahayatra's pre-gathering event

The pre-gathering session of forming the Media Student network i.e "SAHAYATRA" concluded at the Russian Culture Center, Kamalpokhari amidst the rigorous participation of more than 22 Colleges providing media education in Nepal. The initiative of establishing this students’ network was taken by Media Studies Group of Kathmandu University.

The session started at 11 am with the welcome speech by Sumati Maharjan, a third year student of bachelor in media Students, Kathmandu University. Chief Coordinator of the program "SAHAYATRA" An inter college media Students meet, which is scheduled for June 6, 2010 Sunday, proposed various aspects of the network ranging from the structure of logo and name of the network to the points to be included in the code of conduct and hierarchical arrangement of the core committee. Chandiraj Dahal, the Secretary of the MSGKU, presented a paper presentation regarding the formation of the students’ network.

Various students from different colleges aired their views regarding the formation of the network. The program ended at 3 pm as scheduled earlier.
Shekhar KC.

Some interviews of participants taken same day.

The following quoted views are the replies of the participants regarding their experience of college life and their reasons for chosing media discipline for their

Suman Giri: Pasang Lhamu College
My impression of the college is that Pasang Lhamu College is best suited for Nepalese Middle Class Students. Media is only the field where I get chance to maintain my Public Relation with so many organisations and high profile people.

Sital silwal: Pasang Lhamu College
College life in Pasang Lhamu was fine but i feel like my college was far better in past and in present it need to rectify its many aspects like infrastructures for practical classes for media Studetns.

Injina Panthi: Golden Gate International College
My college gave me so many oppurtunities to get expose in the market becuase our teachers are involve with big main stream media houses. It has facilitated me to clearify all the abstacles towards my dream of being a journalist.
I always wanted to be the Voice of Voiceless. I wanted to talk for those who are unfortunate enough to express their problem. This media is the only platfrom i can fulfi of being a jourbjectives.

Rajani Ghimire and Reena Shrestha :Caspian College
Our teachers who always make us understand our subject of study through practical examples are the best parts of Capain College.
The journalism in only the sector that will help me to socialise easily. The knowledge i gain through this subject help me to adjust in any kind of environment that situation demands.

Bijaya Thapa: Active Academy
Qualified teachers who are involved in different media houses make me feel like i am fortunate to be the student of Active Academy.The best part is the Teacher-Studetns relations which has always instigated me to do more and more.
Regarding the media discipline, through my senior advices i chose this discipline 2 years ago. But i am satified with my desciion and i am happy with what i have done and what i am doing.

Dines Bhurtel: Pashupati Multiple Campus
Regarding academic sector, Pashupati is doing fine. We still haven't a single batch passed out yet. But our Campus facilitates for print media practice but it hasn't included electronic media in our practical dimension of our study. I think Online media, television journalismt, photo journalism etc should be emphasized.
Studying and working in media was my childhood dream. I remember my dad used to scold me when he see me always sticking my ear to the radio. In reply to my Dad, I used to say-"One day i will talk like the people you are listening". What i see is media is the only convergence point for all other professional sectors whether it is medicine or engineerings. We need espeialised man power to run print or broadcast or online media.

Ankit Adhikary: SAint Xavier
Studying Journalism was my childhood dream and is my future goal too. I can express myself to the fulles in this discipline only. That is the best part of media discipline.

Diwakar Pyakurel: Sagarmatha Multiple Campus
Media is the sector where one can develop his/her intellectual power to that level he/she wants depending upon the degreee of effort one applys. I want to be a journalist, so i chose this discipline.

Pasang Tshering Tamang: Pashupati Multiple College
The discipline one chooses is directly related to his/her habbit. My habit, which is more clinged to promote toursim sector, can be made real only through media. But we should be ethical. Since media has significant role in changing the conservative society to a more progressive one, i am interested in this sector.

Shashi Humagain, Ratna Rajyalaxmi
I get to know so many extra information since i am involved in this discipline. One simple example- the angle from which i evaluabte people'e protest rally is totally different than i used to see before i was studying this discpline. Regarding my future ambition, i want to be an investive and development journlist.

Anil Adhikary: Gramin Adarsha Multiple Campus
I saw scope of Journalism in nepal, so chose this discipline as my career. My family background also support my move to do so. I can establish my own existence and value through this discipline.

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