Monday, May 31, 2010

Program Design of Pre-gathering.

Organizer: Media Studies Group

Venue: Russian Cultural Center

Date: July 2, 2010

Starting Time: 11am onwards Ending Time: 3:00 pm

1) Welcoming the participating students by MC (Communication coordinator)- 5 Mins.

2) Introduction of Participants and their college (handle by MC)-15 Mins.

3) Introduction of the program by MSG president- 10 Mins.

4) Paper presentation by Program designer (proposal to the students for establishing network)- 30 Mins.

5) Snacks break (tea and cookies)-30 Mins

6) Discussion session run by Program Coordinator- 60 Mins

§ Formulating plans and policies of the network

§ Provisions for electing executive body of the network

§ Exploring opportunities and widening platform

7) Formation of College Coordinators committee- 30 Mins.

8) Minuting- 15 Mins

9) Vote of thanks by chairman-5 Mins

10) Video: My First Date

Program Ends

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